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Pay for Performance Utility Auditing: How It Benefits You

Do you suspect utility services cost too much — but don’t know what to do about it? Find out for sure with help from a utility audit that costs you nothing out of pocket.

If your business or association could recoup hundreds or thousands of dollars in utility bill overcharges and lower feature_1future utility costs while spending nothing out of pocket for this service, wouldn’t you grab this opportunity? In a nutshell, that’s Pacific Utility Audit’s “pay for performance” model — which may be just the solution you’re looking for.


How it works

Pacific Utility Audit’s “pay for performance” model is simple. First, we perform a full utility audit — at no cost to you. If we find nothing — that is, all your utilities are being billed correctly at the right rates with no errors, hidden fees, miscalculations, or other issues, and we find no changes that will lower your utility bills going forward — then you owe us nothing.


If we do find errors, miscalculations, incorrect rates, or other issues during your utility audit, we will help recoup past overcharges from the utility companies, and we’ll split the refund or settlement with you. You get 50% of the refund, and we get 50% of the refund. If we discover rate changes, incorrect service charges, or wrong tax rates that will save you money on your utilities going forward, we’ll split the savings with you on future billing cycles.


For example, one of our clients had canceled six Centrex telephone lines 19 months prior to our audit. In our audit, we discovered that the client was still being charged for those six lines — 19 months after cancellation! At a cost of $15.56 per Centrex line, those six lines resulted in an overcharge of $93.36 for our client every single month. Of those future savings, Pacific Utility Audit receives 50% or $46.68 per month, and our client keeps the other $46.68 in savings. That’s almost $50 per month that the client wouldn’t have without Pacific Utility Audit’s help.


The cost of doing nothing

When it comes to utility billing, doing nothing and assuming that your utility charges are accurate can cost your association or business hundreds or even thousands of dollars — money your organization could be putting to better use. Taking action by scheduling a utility audit involves minimal risk on your part and could put a lot of money back into your association’s reserves or business bank accounts, in addition to saving you a lot on future utility bills.


At no out-of-pocket cost to your business or association, you benefit from our in-depth understanding of utility services billing; knowledge of the utility issues that regional HOAs, associations, and other organizations face; and 24 years of challenging the utility companies on our customers’ behalf. Our pay for performance model motivates us to obtain the maximum refunds and future savings for your organization because when you win, we win. Even if we find no utility billing errors or future savings, you still win: Your association will owe nothing for our services.


Want to learn more about Pacific Utility Audit’s pay for performance utility auditing? Watch our impact movie!


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