Providing utility audits for community associations, apartment buildings, businesses, commercial properties, cities and park and landscape districts located in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Nevada.

Board Meeting Preparation for Utility Audits

Have a board meeting today, tonight or this week? No time to wait for our utility audit proposal package via mail? No problem! If you need information about our utility auditing services right away, we have created these “Board Packets” for you! Simply click on the appropriate client category below.

Utility Audits forCondominiums, Townhomes, Homeowners Associations, and Community Associations

Pacific Utility Audit specializes in auditing water, sewer, gas, electric, telephone and trash bills for homeowners associations, since two of its directors were property managers themselves! We have been specializing in this unique area of utility auditing since 1989 and obtain either refunds/credits or substantial utility savings for 9 out of every 10 CLIENTs that we audit! The great news is that if we do not find anything, the utility audit is free!

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Utility Audits for Apartments and Commercial Properties

We are the only utility auditing company on the West Coast that conducts on-site inspections of all of our client’s properties. In fact, half of all utility billing errors that we find are found out in the field. How else can a utility audit determine if a 4” water service is really a 4” water service, or if sewer service charges are being billed for an irrigation water meter?

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Utility Audits for Business, Cities, Park and Landscape Districts

A utility audit reduces the per unit utility cost, whereas submetering, new equipment, rebate programs and energy management services, for examples, only reduce the number of units used! Therefore, utility auditing is completely different from energy auditing and much more effective at reducing the annual utility cost with no out-of-pocket expenses or changes in equipment hours or uses!

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