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The truth of the matter is that utilities over-billing is widespread. You are probably paying more than you should.

Are you being
overcharged on
your utility bills?

Decades Utility Auditing

Literally thousands of homeowners associations and businesses have utilized our unique utility auditing service since 1989.

What We Do

We obtain refunds for you for utility overcharges and we secure the lowest utility rates available for all of your future utility bills.

No Risk Utility Auditing, It's FREE!

Our utility auditing fee is a percentage of your refund or utility savings. There is no charge without results.

We Work for You

Pacific Utility Audit specializes in locating and correcting utility billing errors and overcharges.

Our Success Says It All

9 out of every 10 customers, for which we perform a utility audit, are paying too much for their utilities.

We are Experts in our Field

Since 1989, we have focused exclusively on utility auditing and utility on-site inspections.

Helping You Save on Your Utility Bills

We determine whether or not you are entitled to refunds as a result of utility company overcharges, and we secure those refunds for you… retroactively.

We enable you to enjoy on-going utility savings as you avoid needless overcharges.

We help you to avoid utility billing errors in the years ahead.

We obtain the lowest water, sewer, gas, trash, electric and telephone utility rates for you in the future.

How We Help Reduce Your Utility Bills

We schedule an onsite inspection of your property or business.

We check your utility rates, equipment and utility usage.

We locate utility billing errors and overcharges.

We handle all communication with your utility companies to ensure that you receive any refunds that are due, and to verify the correction of all utility billing errors.

We secure the lowest utility rates available for all of your future utility bills.

A utility audit reduces the per unit utility cost, whereas sub metering, new equipment, rebate programs and energy management/audit services only reduce the number of units used. Therefore, utility auditing is completely different from energy auditing and much more effective at reducing the annual utility cost with no out-of-pocket expenses or changes in equipment or equipment hours or use patterns!

We are the only utility auditing company on the West Coast that conducts on-site inspections of all of our client’s properties. In fact, half of all utility billing errors that we find are found out in the field. How else can a utility audit determine if a 4″ water service is actually a 4″ water service, or if sewer service charges are being billed for an irrigation water meter?

This seems like common-sense, but no other competitor that we are aware of, since 1989, has ever actually conducted on-site inspections of their client’s properties.

If we find no utility billing overcharges or if we find utility billing undercharges, which we can do without alerting the utility companies, we simply let you know in our Utility Analysis Summary Report to you, and there is no cost for our service.

Literally thousands of homeowners associations and businesses have utilized this unique service since 1989.

90% of all of these associations or businesses have either obtained refunds or credits from the utility companies and/or reduced future utility costs by the correction of billing errors or through lower utility rate schedules!

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