Providing utility audits for community associations, apartment buildings, businesses, commercial properties, cities and park and landscape districts located in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Nevada.

Are you being overcharged on your utility bills?

The truth of the matter is that utilities overbilling is widespread.  You are probably paying more than you should.  Our utility audits can help.

Utility Auditing Experience

Literally thousands of homeowners associations and businesses have utilized our unique utility auditing service since 1989.

Utility Audits are What We Do

With utility auditing, we obtain refunds for you for utility overcharges and we secure the lowest utility rates available for all of your future utility bills.

No Risk Utility Audits, It's FREE!

Our utility audit fee is a percentage of your refund or utility savings. There is no charge without results.

Utility Audits That Work for You

Pacific Utility Audit’s professional auditors specialize in locating and correcting utility billing errors and overcharges.

The Success of our Utility Audit Service Says It All

9 out of every 10 customers, for which we perform a utility audit, are paying too much for their utilities.

We are Expert Utility Auditors

Since 1989, our utility auditors have focused exclusively on utility auditing and on-site inspections of utility services.

Utility Audits Help You Save on Your Utility Bills

At Pacific Utility Audit, we determine whether or not you are entitled to refunds as a result of utility company overcharges. If so, we retroactively secure those refunds for you.

Additionally, our utility audit service enables you to enjoy on-going utility savings as you avoid needless overcharges.

Save for Years Ahead

Our utility audits help you avoid utility billing errors in the years ahead.

As part of our utility auditing service, we obtain the lowest water, sewer, gas, trash, electric and telephone utility rates for you in the future.

How a Utility Audit Helps Reduce Your Utility Bills

We start by scheduling an onsite utility inspection of your property or business.

After your utility inspection, we check your utility rates, equipment and utility usage.

Following the review of your utility usage, we locate utility billing errors and overcharges.

Next, our utility auditors handle all communication with your utility companies to ensure that you receive any refunds that are due, and to verify the correction of all utility billing errors.

Finally, our utility auditors secure the lowest utility rates available for all of your future utility bills.

Utility Audits Can Reduce Your Per Unit Utility Cost

A utility audit reduces the per unit utility cost, whereas sub metering, new equipment, rebate programs and energy management/audit services only reduce the number of units used. Therefore, utility auditing is completely different from energy auditing and much more effective at reducing the annual utility cost with no out-of-pocket expenses or changes in equipment or equipment hours or use patterns!

Our Utility Auditors Conduct On-Site Inspections

We are the only utility auditing company on the West Coast that conducts on-site inspections of all of our client’s properties. In fact, half of all utility billing errors that we find are found out in the field. How else can a utility audit determine if a 4″ water service is actually a 4″ water service, or if sewer service charges are being billed for an irrigation water meter?

Utility Audit Services Since 1989

This seems like common-sense, but no other utility audit competitor that we are aware of, since 1989, has ever actually conducted on-site inspections of their client’s properties.

If we find no utility billing overcharges or if our utility auditors find utility billing undercharges, which we can do without alerting the utility companies, we simply let you know in our Utility Analysis Summary Report, and there is no cost for our service.

Thousands of Customers Have Saved

Literally thousands of homeowners associations and businesses have utilized our unique utility auditing service since 1989.

90% of all of these associations or businesses have either obtained refunds or credits from the utility companies and/or reduced future utility costs by the correction of billing errors or through lower utility rate schedules!

Types of Utility Audits

Condominium, Homeowner, and Community Association Utility Audits






Client Testimonials

Thank you Erin!  The report is so helpful.  I look forward so sharing it with our Board.
Bettsi Ledesma
CMCA, General Manager, Heritage El Dorado Hills Master Association The Management Trust
This is awesome news!  Thank you!    
Lorie Vos
Thank you!  Thank you!!!    
Alexandria Schubert
Portfolio Manager Allstate HOA Management
This is great news!  We will share it with the board! Thank you!        
Alec Schechter, CMCA, IREM, ARM
Community Manager Ross Morgan & Company, Inc., AAMC
Great News!  Thanks!

John Snee
General Manager, BIG SKY ASSOCIATION GM Management, Inc.
Thank you and thank you for you and your teams efforts with this audit!!

Shelby Crowley, Resident Services Manager


That's fantastic news!  Thanks so much for your help and for letting us know.

Merril Goldman, MA, CCAM

General Manager, The Grand Homeowners Association, Wilshire Corridor, LA

That is FABULOUS!!!  Thanks very much!

Ida Worth, CMCA, AMS

Community Association Manager,

Vice President / General Manager

Ross Morgan & Company, Inc., AAMC

WOW ERIN!   More fantastic news!  Thank you!!!    

Ron Rector, Lead General Manager

The Met-Warner Center Condominium Association

Ross Morgan & Company, Inc., AAMC

This is awesome - thank you so much!
  Brittany Joseph, Senior Community Manager SEABREEZE MANAGEMENT COMPANY

Thank you for your efforts and results!  It is much appreciated.

Darren Shaw, MCAM, MCM, PCAM

General Manager, San Diego Country Estates Association

Very Exciting!  Thank you for all your work!!!

Todd Beebe, CACM, CMCA

General Manager, Rancho Mission Viejo

Great News!  Thank you!
Warren Davidoff, CPA, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
Chief Operating Officer Ross Morgan & Company, Inc., AAMC
I am doing the budget for 2022.  My expenses for my utilities have gone done considerably thanks to you!  I don't need to do as much of a dues increase for the next calendar year.  It would really behoove every manager to explore this service for every one of their associations!
Marcia Coppola
Community Manager HOA Organizers
Thanks!  The Board will be happy that they will be realizing some savings going forward!
Michelle Rodrigues, CMCA, AMS
General Manager Seabreeze Management Company
Thank you.  I will send this report to the Board.  I'm sure everyone will be very happy with the results. 🙂
Erin Rosenberg
Board Member Cagney Ranch Estates HOA
Wonderful news!  Thank you so much!  Great savings for a smaller building.
Kelly Reinoso
Community Manager Ross Morgan & Company, Inc., AAMC
Great News!  Well Done!
Natnael Abebe
General Manager The Longford Condominium Association, Wilshire Corridor LA
Wonderful news!  Thank you so much for your hard work on this!
Matt Meadors, CMCA, AMS
Chief Operating Officer HOA Organizers
Thank you so much for this!  I have an additional 3 properties that approved your service.  I will send them to you soon!
Carolina Badillo
Community Manager HOA Organizers
Best news I've heard this week.  Thanks!
Kelly Reinoso
Community Manager Ross Morgan & Company, Inc., AAMC
Many Thanks Again For Doing This!  Thanks and Thanks Again!!
Susan Nassirbegli
Sherman Villas HOA Board Member
Peter Drivas
Property Manager Platinum Management Group
This is awesome work!  Thank you!!  Really made my day!!
Angela N. DeRosa, CMCA, AMS
Manager Beverly West Association
Thank you again!  We had a board meeting and the entire board was pleased with your work!
Susan Nassirbegli
Board Member Sherman Villas HOA
Thanks for the very good news!
Cookie Valente
Community Manager Manhattan Management Inc.
Good News, Erin.  Thank you very much and Happy New Year!
Carol Stephenson, PCAM, MCM
Community Manager Anchor Community Management
This is awesome and very timely news!!!!
Melissa E. Mills, CCAM, CMCA
General Manager Mirabella Homeowners Association
Thank you as always Erin. It took LADWP a while but they got it right. Thank!
Peter Drivas
Community Manager Platinum Group Management Inc.
Thanks for the advisory and for contacting SCE.
Brian Bednersh
Finance Manager, SAMLARC FirstService Residential

WOHOO!   Board will be delirious!  I bet you are happy, as well!  Awesome work on behalf of you and your team!

Colleen Scott
Community Manager Anchor Community Management

Happy New Years!

That’s really great news, the board will be so happy to hear this.

Erika Kwak
General Manager The Summit On Sixth LA
Thanks for the audit and the good news. I will bring your audit to the board at their November meeting.
Jonathan Bloomberg, CMCA, AMS
Community Manager Pilot Property Management
This is amazing!
Claire Kirk
Community Manager Ross Morgan & Company Inc. AAMC
Hello Erin --
This is great, thank you! 🙂
Alissa McMurrin, CMCA
Property Manager HOA Organizers
Wow that is great news. Thank you!
Yasmin Fahid, CCAM
Property Manager Interpacific Asset Management
Thank you!  That is great news!
Bruce Tayefeh
General Manager The Wilshire Comstock
Received check tonight!  Thank you for your help!
David Holender
Board Member Wilshire Marquis Homeowners Association
Wow!  This is awesome!  Our meeting is next Tuesday - great timing!
Susan Elmorabit, PCAM, CCAM, AMS
Senior Community Manager Action Property Management
Great News!   Thank you!
Alex Karamian
Community Manager Fidelity Management Services, Inc.
Thanks for all the help over the last years!
Kathy Roberts, CCAM
General Manager La Tour Wilshire HOA
Yay!  Just sent your contact info to two of my NorCal AEs.  Expect a call soon...
Marybeth O. Green, CCAM, CMCA, AMS, MAEd
Vice President Of Education and Development Seabreeze Management Company
Thank you!  I appreciate that you expedited this process for Regency Owners Association.  The electricity savings that you were able to achieve is amazing.  I am forwarding the report to the Board.
Susan Rainer, MBA, CMCA
Executive Assistant Ross Morgan & Company, Inc., AAMC
Glad to hear that - looks like they are well under budget for the year on utilities, so one more thank you for all your help!
Chris Moran
Community Manager FirstService Residential
Great news!  Thank you for sharing and for the good work.
Ariel Hess, CCAM, CMCA, AMS
Community Association Manager Scott Management Company
Great News!  This is awesome!  Thanks so much!
Chase Kaleikilo
Community Manager HOA Organizers
Wow, I am impressed.  That was fast and just what I needed! Thank you so much.  
Linda Sanchez, CCAM
Community Manager Ross Morgan & Company, Inc.
Wonderful news - thanks for all the hard work."
Kathy Roberts, CCAM
General Manager La Tour Wilshire Residential Community
Thank you Erin, we really appreciate the help and of course the savings.
Don Campbell, PCAM
General Manager Cabrini Villas Homeowners
Looks like those credits are starting to come through - thank you!!
Chris Moran
FirstService Residential
This is awesome and very timely news!
Melissa E. Mills, CCAM, CMCA
Mirabella Homeowners Association
Kara Foley, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
General Manager Portola Springs Community Association
Thanks for the audit and the good news.
Jonathan Bloomberg, CMCA, AMS
Pilot Property Management
Thanks Erin. All of your efforts over the past several years are very much appreciated!
Craig E. Phillips, CCAM, CMCA, AMS, PCAM
General Manager International Towers Owners Association
This is fantastic! We will look for the reductions on the next bills - thank you!
Ron Rector
General Manager Warner Center Condominiums
I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for all of the time you devoted to helping The Californian On Wilshire HOA. Your conclusions look excellent and I now have great peace of mind knowing that you have examined all of the meters and everything to verify that we are being charged and billed correctly. What a wonderful feeling! And, the credit and lowered charged look pretty fantastic, too!!
Linda Healey, PCAM, CCAM
General Manager The Californian On Wilshire HOA
Awesome work on behalf of you and your team!
Anchor Community Management
You folks did an awesome job!
Jim Foley, Board Member
Vineyards of Saratoga HOA
Thanks for everything. The Board was impressed.
Debbie Schneider, CMCA, AMS
Bali Management Group
I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work.
Gloria Felcyn, CPA
This is EXCELLENT!!!
Ida Worth, CMCA, AMS
Ross Morgan & Company, Inc.
This is great news - thank you very much!
Alissa McMurrin, CMCA
HOA Organizers, Inc.
So this is great news. A win for us both. Thanks so much.
Gregg Lotane, PCAM, CCAM-HR
General Manager The Wilshire HOA

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