Providing utility audits for community associations, apartment buildings, businesses, commercial properties, cities and park and landscape districts located in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Nevada.

How to Start a Utility Audit Immediately

Starting a utility audit is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 2: Send

Send these three signed forms to us, along with a map/layout of the property and copies of the most recent six months of water, sewer, gas, electric, telephone and trash utility bill copies for the property OR provide us with your usernames and passwords for your online utility accounts and we can download your utility bill copies for you!

Step 3: Notify

Notify us of any gate entry codes, if applicable, or onsite contacts and their telephone numbers, so that our utility auditors can access the property for our onsite utility inspection.

Step 4: Get Notified

Upon our receipt of these signed forms, map, and utility bill copies, we will notify you of the start and completion dates of our utility audit. The utility audit start date is the first Monday following our receipt of these materials and completion date is within twelve weeks.