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imagesCA5D9VRVUtility Audits:  Why You WANT Future Utility Savings!

Often, there are cheaper utility rate schedules available for your utilities than the one you are currently being billed on! 

Your utility provider is under no obligation to make sure you have the best rate for your needs and they have no financial incentive to do so!  The challenge is that, not only is it up to you to choose the right rate schedule, but one you select a rate schedule, you are locked in for a year or more.  So, you really need to know what rates are available, and what rates would be less expensive than your current rates, and what one rate is the LEAST expensive of the those! 


The only way to be sure is by conducting a thorough audit of the previous year's utility consumption, for all four seasons / twelve months, and use that actual consumption data for each available rate schedule to determine the least expensive rate for each of your utility accounts.


A utility audit will identify the lowest rate schedule for each of your utility accounts, potentially saving you thousands of dollars annually.  "Future Savings" is the actual amount of money that you save after your utility rates have been changed.  Here are some examples:  https://pacificutilityaudit.com/local/uploads/files/futuresavingsexamples_11-14.pdf


So why are "future savings" so important?  On average, a utility audit will reduce your annual utility expense by 20% simply by switching your rate schedules to lower utility rates that are available to you through your same utility provider!  For instance, if you budgeted $500,000.00 for your annual utilities, this means an annual utility expense reduction of $100,000.00, with no upfront costs, equipment purchases, retrofitting or reduction in utility consumption!!! 


Everybody agrees that a utility billing mistake, resulting in a big refund check, is wonderful, but, oftentimes, this refund check pales in comparison to the annual utility expense reductions realized by simple rate schedule changes!  And, the utility cost savings generated by these rate schedule changes continue year after year, making a permanent reduction in annual utility expenses, long after the refund check has been cashed and spent….