Providing utility audits for community associations, apartment buildings, businesses, commercial properties, cities and park and landscape districts located in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Nevada.

Pacific Utility Audit, Inc.

A utility audit takes less than five minutes to begin!

A Utility Audit Is Now Easier Than Ever!!!

One of the advantages of the trend toward a paperless world is that almost all city-operated utilities and utility companies now allow you to have online access to your utility bills, generally for up to a retroactive 3-year period of time!

In the past, one of the biggest hurdles for a community manager to overcome when initiating a utility audit was the utility bill copies that we needed to begin this utility audit, generally the most recent 12 months of common-area water, sewer, gas, electric, trash and telephone utility bills.  The prospect of spending hours or days in front of a copier and mailing them to us or downloading these copies from a company database and emailing them to us was daunting and overwhelming from most community managers.  Let’s face it – who has time in an already busy schedule?
Enter the modern trend of digital, online and paperless billing and data storage! 
Now, all we need to begin a utility audit is the username and password for each of the association’s utility providers and we have access to all of the information we need to begin a utility audit!  Oftentimes, it only takes the community manager less than five minutes to set up this online access, without obligating you to paperless billing, online payments or other unwanted services from the utility providers. 
So there is now no time committment or extra work incurred by community managers to begin a utility audit for your properties!  In less time than it would take you to contact the utility companies, try to figure out the increasing utility bills and convey this information to the board of directors, you can initiate a utility audit and make all of your utility related problems go away!

Here is a link to our website on how to begin a utility audit:  https://pacificutilityaudit.com/How-to-Begin