1.     Incorrect Rate Schedules

2.     Sewer Fees For Irrigation Water

3.     Misread Meters

4.     Misplaced Decimal Points

5.     Charges for Non-Existing Equipment

6.     Incorrectly Applied Utility Taxes

7.     Miscalibrated Meters

8.     High Estimated Meter Reads

9.      Utility Employees Input Incorrect Data

10.    Billing for Meters Not On Property

Are you being Overcharged?

The truth of the matter is that utilities overbilling is widespread. You are probably paying more than you should.

Stop throwing your money away!

Utility companies make mistakes. With the advent of new rates, optional rates, special class rates, surcharges, taxes, etc., it is impossible for utility companies to police your bills for you. Utility companies take the position that it is the customer’s responsibility to discover mistakes and correct them.

What A Utility Audit Can Do For You:What we can do for you

Determine whether or not you are entitled to refunds as a result of utility company overcharges, and secure those refunds for you… retroactively.

Enable you to enjoy on-going utility savings as you avoid needless overcharges.

Help you to avoid utility billing errors in the years ahead.

Obtain the lowest water, sewer, gas, trash, electric and telephone utility rates for you in the future.