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Electric Bill Too High? Find a Lower Rate!


You can help your association’s residents reduce their rates — just point them to their utility’s website.


You can help your association’s residents reduce their electricity rate and bill — simply by referring them to the

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utility company’s website! Nearly every electric utility company has several residential rates available to its customers. Typically, it’s up to the customer to find out about these alternate rates and request the rate change.


The best resource for this rate information is the utility company’s website. Residents can enter “rate schedule” in the search box on the website and access a list of all the available rates and detailed descriptions of each. If they’re still uncertain about which rate is right for them, they can call the utility company’s customer service line to get the information they need to make an informed choice.


Here are just a few examples of special rates offered by Southern California Edison that are available to residential customers:

  • Schedule D-CARE — California Alternate Rates for Energy, Domestic Service
  • Schedule D-FERA — Family Electric Rate Assistance
  • Schedule D-SDP — Domestic Summer Discount Plan
  • Schedule DS – Domestic Seasonal
  • Schedule TOU-D-1 –  Time-Of-Use Domestic
  • Schedule TOU-D-2 –  Time-Of-Use Domestic
  • Schedule TOU-D-T –  Time-Of-Use Tiered Domestic
  • Schedule TOU-EV-1 –  Domestic Time-Of-Use, Electric Vehicle Charging


(See Southern California Edison’s website for a full list of available rate options.)


Your association’s residents may not realize that the electric utility companies offer different rates for residential customers that could save them money on their electric bills (See the Resources list below for a partial list of utility websites). With a bit of research and a phone call or two, your residents can start saving money on their electricity today.


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