Providing utility audits for community associations, apartment buildings, businesses, commercial properties, cities and park and landscape districts located in California, Washington, Oregon, Montana and Nevada.

increasing utility costs

STOP Throwing Money Away On Utility Bills!

Believe it or not, the vast majority of associations and businesses pay their utility bills largely by guesswork.  Since these services are essential to operations, most people pay the utility bills without question.  In so doing, you are probably paying considerably more than you should! 

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Can You Fight Ever-Increasing Utility Costs?

Can You Fight Ever-Increasing Utility Costs?   Utility charges are on an upward trend with no end in sight. The good news: You can hold back and even reverse increases in electric, water, and other utility costs — with help from a utility audit.   With extreme weather and severe droughts grabbing headlines — especially […]

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Is Your Association Paying Too Much for Utilities?

Is Your Association Paying Too Much for Utilities?   You’ve installed energy saving technologies, conserved, and installed drought tolerant landscaping — but your association’s common area utility charges are still too high. And drought conditions will drive up costs even more.   Enlist an ally to help you curb out-of-control utility costs: Pacific Utility Audit. […]

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