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STOP Throwing Money Away On Utility Bills!

STOP Throwing Money Away On Utility Bills!

Believe it or not, the vast majority of associations and businesses pay their utility bills largely by guesswork.  Since these Read More

Utility Audit Defined: A Simple 3-Step Process!

Here is the definition of a 3-step utility audit:1.  Utility bill audit of all common-area utilities to uncover past and Read More
Increasing Costs

Managers: Utility Rate Increases for 2017 Budgets!!

Board members and homeowners look to community managers for professional guidance on managing their associations for long-term sustainability and sound Read More
Gold Nuggets

There is GOLD in Your Association’s Utility Bills!

Property managers must approve dozens of bills for payment daily. Of these bills, the majority are almost always utility bills!Trying Read More

Why Associations Should Do It All: Utility Audits, Energy Audits, Conservation, Equipment Upgrades, Retrofitting, Rebates and Brokering…But In The Right Order!

Utility Audits, Energy Audits, Conservation, Equipment Upgrades, Retrofitting, Rebates and Brokering … But In The Right Order! WHY IT IS Read More


1. Incorrect Rate Schedules, 2.     Sewer Fees For Irrigation Water, 3. Misread Meters, 4. Misplaced Decimal Points Read More

Utility Companies Make Mistakes – Why?

Lack of Expertise – Employees not up to date on all changes, new rates, data input errors, employee turnover, etc.Too Read More
Get Your Refund

$354,886.55: L.A.D.W.P. REFUNDS TO OUR CLIENTS FOR 2015!

“The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power doesn’t expect to completely work through problems associated with a new computer Read More



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